Download the Rental Contract
Student Rentals 36-Month Rent-To-Own Contract
Herter Music Center makes it easy for you to rent an instrument for your son or daughter. We have new and return rental instruments for rent. We take the price of the instrument, add tax plus monthly maintenance for 36* months and divide by 36. You'll have one initial payment and then 35 remaining payments. All rentals include repair and maintenance. We provide replacement coverage in case of fire or theft for student model instruments. There is no interest or finance charge on our Rent-To-Own contracts. Unlike some other contracts, you always know the total cost of the instrument you are renting. Automatic Payments are required by checking or savings account or credit card. School Service Representatives stop once a week at your child's school.

*Percussion Kits are 24-month Rent-to-Own Contracts so they have 23 Equal payments after initial period..

If you are interested in renting an instrument please download the rental contract and then contact us at our Bay City location during normal business hours at 1-800-833-4920 for rental prices. One of our sales representatives will help you fill out the contract, make payment arrangements and schedule delivery.
Click Here to download a rental contract.

Step-Up and Professional Instruments for Rent
Depending on Instrument you can rent for either 24 or 36 months. Monthly rent is calculated by taking the price of the instrument plus tax and adding maintenance for 24 or 36 months and dividing by 24 or 36. Minimum rental period is 5 months. Call any of our Locations for more details.

Purchase with Buy-Back Option
Our Purchase with Buy-Back Option allows you to purchase student model instruments at our great sale prices and still have the option of returning it to us should your child decide to change instruments or no longer play in the band. Here's how it works:

*Purchase Instrument at Sale Price.
*Purchase a Maintenance Contract.
*Own the instrument for at least 8-months.

After the 8-months you may bring it back to Herter Music Center and we will purchase it back from you.  The Buy-back price is determined by the number of months you owned the instrument.  You will be charged a monthly fee per month plus the retail price of any missing parts.

Instruments must be returned in good playing condition with all necessary parts, supplies and current maintenance contract in order for Herter Music Center to complete the buy-back.