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Nita Strauss (Dec. 7, 1986 – present)


Nita Strauss is an American guitarist from Los Angeles, California. Nita grew up in a musical family, and at the age of 6, received her first guitar from her father. Nita also has a strong musical heritage; she is a descendent of the famed composer of the late 19th century, Johann Strauss.

Although Nita’s family had a strong musical heritage and her interest and exposure started with her family, her desire to take musical performance, namely on the guitar, to a professional level was when she first saw the famous scene between Steve Vail and Ralph Maccio in the movie Crossroads.

No doubt in part to the Crossroads movie, Nita Strauss has indicated that Steve Vai is one of her favorite and most influential guitar players. Her effortless speed, fluidity and articulation are evident of her time spent in preparation and has made her an in-demand guitarist in metal and shred genres.

Nita has played in bands in the LA area since she was 13. In addition to many others, she has played in The Iron Maidens, (an all-female tribute band to Iron Maiden.) Her playing can be heard on video game sound tracks such as Heroes of the Storm.

   Nita’s career continues to escalade and has bright days on the horizon. In 2014 she landed one of the most desired positions in the rock music world, guitarist in Alice Cooper’s band, a position she holds to date. She is currently ranked #1 in Guitar World “10 female guitarists you should know”. Nita Strauss’ performance and stage persona continue to mesmerize concert goers around the world.





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The guitar room has been relocated to allow for more expansion. In addition to our acoustic guitars we also carry electric guitars, basses and PA systems.

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