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Artist of the Week

Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

A Hungarian born composer and performer, Franz Liszt was a monumental Romantic Era (19th Century) musical figure. His father, a former student of Beethoven, was his primary piano teacher growing up. Already as a teenager, Liszt  was recognized as a piano virtuoso throughout much of Europe.   The death of Liszt’s father was a difficult time for him; he withdrew from the musical world and considered leaving it altogether to join a seminary.  He might have been lost to music completely were it not for attending concerts of  Berlioz and Niccolo Paganini;  both of whom exerted extreme virtuosity on their performance mediums and rekindled Liszt’s passion for music.

Inspired by these masterful musicians, Liszt became a pianist of such virtuosity that he was unchallenged in his lifetime. A Liszt recital might be better classified as ‘rock concert mayhem’, than a recital as we would understand it by today’s definition. There are reports of people racing to catch spent cigarette butts. Women were said to have swooned and even fainted during his performances, while others report fans ripping at his cloths and long hair.

Liszt brought many new techniques to the instrument. He also introduced the concept of the performer entering the stage from the wing and turning the piano to the side, (this is now considered common performance  practice) so that the audience can see the performers hands better. Liszt was among the first to perform from memory and  he heavily promoted the idea of having a solo recital, that is to say that one performer performs several pieces for the duration of the concert.

It's That Time of Year Again!

Band Camp

Camp this year is June 21st-June 27th.  At this time all slots have been filled. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please feel free to call Heather at (989) 893-4545 Monday thru Friday. Final payments are due May 15th.

New Guitar Room


The guitar room has been relocated to allow for more expansion. In addition to our acoustic guitars we also carry electric guitars, basses and PA systems.

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