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Artist of the Week

Erik Satie (May 17, 1866-July 1, 1925)

Erik Satie was a French born composer during the early 20th century.  Like many composer before him, Satie began his musical training at an early age, taking organ lessons when he was just 6. In an effort to expand his musical knowledge, Satie entered the Paris Conservatory in 1879. At the Paris Conservatory such adjectives as:  worthless, labored, untalented and useless were used by his teachers to describe the young Satie’s piano playing.

Despite the disaster that was his attempt at music school, Satie set out to make a career as a musician, but with a different mindset than those that came before him.  Satie believed that music should not be taken too seriously. The Romantic era had elevated composers like Wagner to god status and his music to be that of divine origin.  Satie felt music should be enjoyed, not worshipped.  In an era where Wagner and all things German had set the bar to measure musical compositions by, Satie paved a new path. (He was not alone either. Debussy, another French composer, chose another route than that of  the Germanic traditions.) He rejected the idea of musical development and as a result much of his music seems to go nowhere.

Satie deliberately wrote quirky music.  He was a master of the understated and wrote pieces with surreal titles such as Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear. His philosophy could be argued to outweigh his musical works. His ideas were the foundation for a group of French composers who called themselves Le Six.  Satie’s philosophy would give way to the Avant-Garde movement which would come to fruition in the years following the world wars.  He was also an influence on the Minimalism movement which came as a reaction to the Avant-Garde and Serialism.

“Before I compose a piece, I walk around it several times, accompanied by myself.” – Erik Satie


                                                 Step into Christmas!


Does someone you know have a new band instrument on their Christmas list?


Are they ready for a step up or professional model?


Here at Herter Music Center we have a layaway program to help with all holiday shopping.


In addition, Conn-Selmer and Yamaha are offering Mail-In Rebates on all Step-Up and Professional model band instruments. 


For more details, come in and speak with one of our sales associates today!


Christmas Gift Ideas

  The holiday season is upon us. Give the gift of music this Christmas season.

From the complete novice to the seasoned player,

we can offer instruments and accessories to enhance your musical experience.  

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Clavinova - Cafe


 Interested in CVP Clavinovas? Not sure if a digital piano is the right call?

Stop in and let us show you the powerful  capability of these instruments. From their stereo and concert grand piano sound sampling to their use with iPads and Yamaha apps, you will see the potential that these Clavinovas have; from the absolute beginner to the seasoned player, there is something for everyone.

Beginning Thursday, October 15th at 6:30pm. Have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as we explore these amazing instruments!

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New Ukuleles!


Come check out the new line of Ukuleles we have received. The perfect addition to a birthday or Christmas list.

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Band Camp 2016

2016 will be the 30th anniversary of the Herter Band Camp. Details for registration will be coming soon. If you have not participated in this camp before, it is an excellent experience for band students who have had one or more years of band.